Join us for critical conversations on LA’s contemporary performance scene, and our relationship(s) to national platforms. Each brunch chat will feature a special prix fixe from The Springs, open discussions, and thoughts from invited experts, sponsored by CalArts Center for New Performance. Our Brunch Chats are informal, highly engaged, opportunities for conversation between artists, curators, supporters, and enthusiasts.


Saturday, September 24: LA Ecology // Getting It Made
12:30p-2:00p with
Nataki Garrett, Associate Artistic Director, CalArts Center for New Performance
Mark Murphy, Executive Director, REDCAT
Kristina Wong, Artist
Miranda Wright, Founder & Director, Los Angeles Performance Practice

Sunday, September 25: LA Ecology // Artist-run Spaces
12:30p-2:00p with
Janie Geiser, AUTOMATA
Brian Getnick, PAM
Meg Wolfe, Show Box L.A. & we live in space

Saturday, October 1: Building Networks // National Connections 
12:30p-2:00p with
Sarah Bishop-Stone, FringeArts (Philadelphia)
Brad Carlin, Fusebox Festival (Austin)
Lane Czaplinski, On the Boards (Seattle)
Danielle King, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (New York)
Jerry Tschindler, Artists Repertory Theatre & RiskReward (Portland)
Conversation hosted/moderated by Travis Preston, CalArts Center for New Performance.

Sunday, October 2: Building Networks // Festival Artists
12:30p-2:00p with
Jesse Bonnell, Poor Dog Group
Marissa Chibas, Duende CalArts
Jennie Liu, Grand Lady Dance House
Marike Splint, Among Us
Greg Wohead

Limited capacity. RSVP encouraged.

Choose between a free RSVP, or pre-paid brunch offering from The Springs.



LOCATION: The Springs
DATES: September 24 & 25, October 1 & 2
RUN TIME: 90 minutes
Festival Passes available HERE. 


Brunch Chats are hosted by The Springs and sponsored by CalArts Center for New Performance.