Evoking a moonlit forest, MOONCHOPS draws its performative and visual materials from Brian Getnick’s body of writing about a rural town and its inhabitants, living and dead. In this concrete fan- tasy for the theater, Getnick inhabits a succession of characters who lead viewers deeper and deeper into the winter woods, toward the heart of his story.

From a prop room below a high school theater a young magician practices the arts of transformation: magic, dance, story telling. He imagines this private theater as animistic: every ornament and instrument an actor. As his work progresses, the characters he invents forget him, they shift the lights, the sounds, all the instruments of theatrical illusion into their own paradigm of the so-called-theater.

Dramatis Personae:

The Magic Faggot, or the teen from 93 -delicate and loose, his performances are interior, private, conducted in the prop room that the set for MOONCHOPS is based on.

The Prince of Purrs– a dancing antagonist. Bestial and pompous.

The Old Magician is a living anachronism. His is a performativity that is tragically out of vogue: mimesis, clown, vaudeville are his ways.


LOCATION: AUTOMATA (504 Chung King Court)
PERFORMANCE DATES: September 22, 23, 24
RUN TIME: 50 minutes
Festival Passes available HERE. 
MOONCHOPS from brian getnick on Vimeo.




Created and performed by Brian Getnick
Costumes Designer: Kenneth Nicholson
Lighting Designer: Chu-Hsuan Chang
Sound Operation: Angel Alvarado
Undercurrents of direction by Asher Hartman and Lior Shamriz.

Brian Getnick is an artist, curator and writer about contemporary performance in Los Angeles. He is the director of PAM residencies, a showcase and residency program for performers making long form work (30+minutes). He is the founder and co-director with Tanya Rubbak of Native Strategies, a journal documenting performance art in LA since 2011. Getnick is currently researching the disrupted lineage and history of queer performance in Los Angeles and is the solo performer for Sorrow Swag, directed and conceived by Ligia Lewis with a sound score by George Lewis Jr (aka Twin Shadow).