John Eagle, Janie Geiser, & Cassia Streb

SOUND HOUSE is a work-in-progress excerpt of a new work conceived and created by John Eagle, Janie Geiser and Cassia Streb.  Sound House is a performance/installation centered on a series of tasks that shape the sound in the room. The tasks, based on a set of instructions, are enacted by a group of 8 artist/performers manipulating objects, controllers, microphones, speakers, walls, and wooden puppets. Their actions are specific and interdependent and emerge from several areas: the history of the Minuteman Missile project, bricklaying/construction, sound generation, time and its measurement, and object/task performance (the performance of the real).

SOUND HOUSE can exist in any controlled space. Viewers enter and leave at any point and move freely about the space. When not performed, SOUND HOUSE is an active installation with moving elements and opportunities for technological interaction. The task of building a brick structure forms the core measurement of time in SOUND HOUSE. The performance ends when the structure is complete. This real task will form the first layer of sound.

The brick structure is based on the above­ ground entrance structures for the Minuteman missile silos, where military technicians enter an underground control room, waiting to launch a missile. They have few practical tasks to accomplish; their main occupation is filling time: reading, playing games, drawing on the walls and napping. Inspired by this history, the human performers and the puppets in SOUND HOUSE are occupied with practical and idle tasks. Tasks are generated during development through a game board. In SOUND HOUSE, everyone is working.


This performance is presented as an excerpt of a new work in progress. Your ticket reserves a specific entry time. The performance installation is set up as an open house. 

Sound House (everyone is working) will premiere in 2017.


LOCATION: AUTOMATA (504 Chung King Court)
RUNNING TIME: 30 Minutes
Festival Passes available HERE. 

04 - Janie Geiser, Sound House, LAX Festival 2016.jpeg



Conceived and created by  John Eagle, Janie Geiser, and Cassia Streb 

Scene Design: Vincent Richards
Video Design: Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh
Lighting Design: Chu-Hsuan Chang
Puppet Design: Janie Geiser
Video content: Janie Geiser and Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh
Creative Technologist: Eric Heep
Technical Design: JT Studio
Performers:  Moira MacDonald, Brian Hashimoto, Miranda Kahn, Tane Kawasaki,
Stephanie Nemazee

This workshop was produced in collaboration with CalArts Center for New Performance.

The development of Sound House has been supported, in part, by the California Arts Council’s Creative California Communities program through NEW/NET, a project of Los Angeles Performance Practice and Automata, the Doris Duke Artist Awards, and The CalArts Faculty Development Fund, and Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA.