(women, and age, and men, and love, and sex, and death, and growing, and smiling, and wind)

F L W R S features the 5 females of szalt dance company, demonstrating non-chronological feminine development amid an unforgiving dressing room, silvering hair, and hundreds of flowers. SeeDance calls the work “charged, tense, and tender – outstanding and totally engaging”.

LOCATION: Bootleg Theater
PERFORMANCE DATE: September 30, October 1, 2
Festival Passes available HERE. 

F L W R S | P R O M O from Stephanie Zaletel on Vimeo.

Choreography and Direction – Stephanie Zaletel
Original Music – Louis Lopez
Dancers of szalt (dance co.) – Lindsey Lollie, Sarah Prinz, Julia Planine-Troiani, Jordan Saenz, Stephanie Zaletel
Understudy – Amir RappaportLighting Design – Pablo Santiago-Brandwein
Costumes – Stephanie Zaletel
Since the F L W R S premier in May 2015 at HNYPT in DTLA, excerpts have been presented at the, MorYork Gallery, REDCAT Theater, JATB Festival in Blue Diamond, NV, Bootleg’s HomeGrown/Horton Awards, and was a finalist in the McCallum Choreography Festival in Palm Desert, CA.


szalt is a collection of Los Angeles movers, collaborating with musicians and visual artists artistically led by dancer and choreographer, Stephanie Zaletel. Within the last three years, Zaletel has produced a myriad of new works across the city for szalt including O E a collaborative evening length performance that debuted at Highways Performance Space in September 2015, and tuesday., an installation-style piece for theHammer Museum’s Made in LA series in collaboration with James Kidd and the Pieter Performance Space Council.