In this brand new work, WHYTEBERG explores visceral memories, creating a personal reflection of perception. As the audience moves through various scenes, we see the effect of false memory — how consistently revisited moments become obscured from reality.

LOCATION: Automata (504 Chung King Ct)
PERFORMANCE DATES: September 25, 26
RUN TIME: 60 minutes
Festival Passes available HERE. 



Choreography: WHYTEBERG

Dancers: Laura Berg, Matt Luck, Jobel Medina, Gracie Whyte

WHYTEBERG is a Los Angeles based duo created by Gracie Whyte and Laura Berg as a platform for their collaborative work. Since their inception in August 2014, WHYTEBERG has performed at numerous venues around Los Angeles and teaches their groovy and sweat-inducing floorwork technique class to professionals. Gracie and Laura are most interested in figuring out how to blend disciplines, integrating dance into other genres to elevate the level of art being created.